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Highlights of ASH-APAC

Annual meeting (10 - 12 Mar, 2017 in Hong Kong)

Highlights of ASH APAC involves international expert analysis on the latest updates in hematology research from the ASH annual meeting.

Professor Jeff Szer on ASH 2016 Annual Meeting

The American Society of Hematology 2016 Annual Meeting (and the 2017 Highlights of ASH Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong) once again showed why the annual meetings of this organisation are the most important haematologic destination on the global haematology calendar. Importantnew and confirmatory studies across the spectrum of haematologic diseases and processes were presented, including regionally important but previously under-prioritised diseases (such as sickle-cell disease which had a prominent place in the meeting), as well as less commonly presented diseases (such as Gaucher disease which had only a single presentation and Haemophilia B). There was movement towards some mainstreaming of gene therapy (hopefully) for some conditions, some refinement in understanding of processes around allogeneic stem cell transplantation for non-malignant diseases (identifying what may be the best combination of stem cell products for ideal outcomes after transplants for thalassaemia),and further important presentations in the more commonly studied conditions of acute leukaemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Chimeric antigen-receptor (CAR) T cells continue to be in the limelight as a therapeutic for some malignancies and we also saw the first presentation of a functional artificial red cell substitute which was of great interest.

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