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The Rare Haematology Resource Centre highlights the development of therapies for diseases in rare haematology. In addition, it focuses on the actual research to advance your knowledge. We will offer content comprising of a combination of selected articles from peer-reviewed journals, patient case reports and KOL interviews. This freely available resource center is editorially independent and hosted by the Journal Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. New content will be posted monthly on this platform. Please subscribe to our e-Alert to ensure that you stay up to date with recent scientific developments.

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Dr Ellen Sidransky, Rare Haematology Resource Centre editor, suggests a greater knowledge of rare diseases may help us better understand more common diseases

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Prof Jeff Szer, Rare Haematology Resource Centre editor, explains why knowledge about rare diseases is so important

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Welcome! From the Editors

Jeff Szer

Disease Group Lead – non-malignant haematology Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre


Improving therapeutic outcomes

Rare diseases like Gaucher disease can be very challenging to diagnose and treat. Further understanding of lysosomal storage diseases will help overcome these challenges for improvement in therapy and therapeutic outcomes for our patients.

Ellen Sidransky

Clinical Geneticist and Gaucher Investigator from Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Journal editorial board member, Molecular Genetics and Metabolism

Understanding unique problems

This is a really pivotal time for research in the field of Gaucher disease. Our understanding of lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) has broadened significantly since the approval of enzyme therapy more than 25 years ago, and in many ways,  Gaucher disease has become a beacon for other LSDs. Currently,  our appreciation of a link with Parkinsonism, has opened new avenues to explore These are indeed exciting times, yet there is still so much to understand.

The Rare Haematology Resource Centre is intended for healthcare professionals only.


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